Underground Acoustic Sessions 2017 feat. The Twagger Band

Thursday 27th April 2017 at 7.30pm. Venue opens at 7pm. Free entry.


Richard Walder and Ron Turner aka R’n’R are regularly your hosts for The Underground Acoustic Sessions, onstage in the main auditorium of the Under Ground Theatre.

This event is now a regular event, running on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Each month R’n’R will start the evening with a few songs of their own and will usually end the evening with a jam / sing-around.

At each event an extended set of at least seven numbers is given to an invited act from the South East acoustic music scene, with other performers/musicians invited to take to the mic throughout the evening.

Tonight’s featured performers are The Twagger Band.

The Twagger Band

The Twagger Band

The Twagger Band play mostly traditional music with Joy Lewis, Derrick Hughes, Sue Evans, Ian Chisholm and Will Duke.

Based in Sussex they play concertinas, dulcimers, harp, bagpipes, whistles, harmonium, recorders, guitar, and serpent.

The Twagger Band online

Everyone is welcome.

Entry isĀ freeĀ with a collection for the featured performer[s]

Musicians or Singers (or both) are invited to perform at tonight’s show.