Sunday Film – Forbidden Planet

UGT Sunday Films – on the first Sunday of every month.

Sunday 1st October at 2.30pm. Venue and coffee bar open at 2pm.

A movie and tea and cakes for a fiver!  Buy Tickets

Tickets are just £5 – which includes free tea and cakes!


Based on Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ and hailed as “the mother of the great science fiction epic”, this groundbreaking movie sees the crew of the starship Antares discover a professor and his daughter are the sole survivors on a dangerous world – a world that has the relics of an advanced civilisation beneath it, and a monster that draws its strength from an unlikely source.

As usual, UGT technician and film buff Chris Leach will take pleasure in give a short upbeat powerpoint presentation before the film, enthusing about the movie and what the star actors and crew did in their careers and lives.  There’ll also be a focus on the music and soundtrack which, to this day, has nothing to rival it.

So, you can look forward to learning all about Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Neilson and the iconic Robby the Robot.

The cinema is set in traditional and table style, allowing you to take drinks and food in with you to enjoy at leisure throughout the film.

Sunday 1st October at 2.30pm. Venue and coffee bar open at 2pm.

Tickets: £5 (includes tea/coffee and cakes at half time)






Buy at the UGT on Fridays and Saturdays 10am – 4pm,

Via Online Ticket Seller on 0800 772 3321

or whenever the theatre is open, or, if still available, on the door.

Otherwise you can buy from Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre


With regret, the venue is below ground on split levels and has no wheelchair access.

A Hearing loop is available.