Sunday Film – The Boy in Blue

UGT film matinees are on the first Sunday of each month.

Sunday 7th May at 2.30pm. Venue and coffee bar open at 2pm.

All tickets are just £5 which includes tea and cake in a break, or after the film.

Cinema set in traditional and table style. The UGT technician Chris Leach – himself a big film buff – will take pleasure in give a short powerpoint presentation before the film, detailing why the film is of note, and highlighting the career of the lead(s).

TODAYS FILM IS : THE BOY IN BLUE (1985 Colour 94m 12 Cert).

The Boy in Blue is a 1986 Canadian drama film directed by Charles Jarrott and starring Nicolas Cage. The film is based on the life of Toronto sculler Ned Hanlan.

A wild, uncontrollable youth, Ned Hanlan is adopted by a gambler named Bill, who promotes the boy on the sculling circuit for his own monetary gain. A businessman named Knox assumes control of Hanlan’s career, but when Ned discovers just how ruthless Knox can be, he casts his lot with the first honest man he has met, inventor-speculator Walter. Hanlan’s professional success is capped by his marriage to Margaret, Knox’s previously unattainable niece.

This is an early film for Nicholas Cage, showing the start of his star potential, which very shortly lead to him winning an Oscar.  Here, he’s in peak physical condition – so don’t be feeling inadequate when you see him working out!

The film’s cast:

Parents – please note this film has a short sequence of female nudity in it – hence the Certificate 12 rating.  Children would otherwise enjoy this family film.

Tickets: £5.  Includes free refreshments.

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Please note, he venue has no wheelchair access.

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