Stray Dogs

Free concerts Every Saturday at the UGT highlighting local performers.


Saturday 6th January 2018. 10am – 12 noon. Venue opens at 9.30am

Stray Dogs, made up of singer-guitarists Alex Grayson and Garry Wonfor, have established themselves as one of the most popular acts in the Under Ground’s history – and they are back onstage at the Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre.

Stray Dogs have a talent that lends itself perfectly to the recording studio, though they’re even better live. Their first album, in 1998, was an acoustic reworking of Simon & Garfunkel songs, which they followed up in 2001 with “Unplug the Beatles”.   And their choice of artistes then has been reflected in some of their recent appearances at the UGT – with the inclusion of songs like “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Norwegian Wood” and “The Boxer”.

The Stray Dogs live at the Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne

Stray Dogs

But Stray Dogs have gone far beyond that!  Their superb vocal harmonies and intricate guitar-playing enable them to produce cover-versions that sound startlingly fresh, from “Hotel California” to “Country Roads” – via “Horse With No Name” and “American Pie”. And they have devised a wide repertoire of wonderful originals, with thoughtful and resonant lyrics and memorable melodies, as in “You Were the First to Call Me Beautiful”, “Janie Ran” and “The Bindley Tree”.


With regret, the venue is below ground on split levels and has no wheelchair access.

A Hearing loop is available.