Nothing Is Real


SATURDAY 18TH NOVEMBER 201710am – noon.  Venue opens at 9.30am.

Beatles fans stand by – for another Beatlemania morning at the Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre, on Saturday 18th November.

Today’s morning gig  will comprise the whole of the Sgt Pepper album plus other Beatles songs from that 66/67 psychedelic era.

This will be the sixth annual show presented by Jon Rose and Friends, who decided to adopt the name “Nothing Is Real”, borrowed from the lyrics of “Strawberry Fields”.

Nothing Is Real

The Beatles split in 1970. John Lennon died in 1980. Between those two years the Beatles could have tantalisingly re-formed. They didn’t of course but the four former members produced some excellent music during that time. Nothing Is Real will be playing some of those numbers at the UGT on Saturday 8th October at 10.00 am. Wings, The Plastic Ono Band, George’s All Things Must Pass album and even the odd number from Ringo will be represented in a morning of 70’s nostalgia for what might have been.

The main joy for the audience will no doubt be Nothing is Real’s stunning recreation of the songs themselves. In their two previous Beatles shows, they have performed a total of fifty Fab Four songs – with no repetitions!


As usual, the venue is open from 10am to 4pm for viewing of the current Art exhibition, and the coffee bar (with free wifi from 11.15am – 4pm) is open throughout for purchase of fairtrade refreshments in a friendly and comfortable environment.

As the venue is below ground with regret the venue has no wheelchair access – there is no facility for a lift or an escalator.

A Hearing loop is available.