Network Eastbourne

Sunday 12th November 2017 at 1pm.  Venue opens at 12.30pm.  Free event.


Looking to connect with like-minded people in the cultural evolution of this wonderful town?

Here’s an event that is now a regular seasonal fixture of the UGT programme, running three times a year.

Whether you’re an artist, a film maker, a musician, a webcaster, a technician, an archivist, an architect, a would-be volunteer, a mover, a shaker, or all of these things, here’s an event that looks to network people together – with the hope that the more people that know what’s going on in the town and want to be a part of it – and want to reach out and connect with others – will come along and introduce themselves.

In a nice relaxed atmosphere – and with free refreshments to boot – you’ll be able to share what you know about the town, learn many things you likely won’t know, and be able to plan for the future.

Whether you’re new to Eastbourne, or have been here for some time, come and connect.

Sunday 12th November 2017 at 1pm.  Venue opens at 12.30pm.  Free event.