Meet Tommy Atkins

Saturday 28th January 2017 – 7.30pm Venue & Bar Open 7pm

On August 4th 1914, with the declaration of war between Britain & Germany, reservist Tommy Atkins is immediately called up to serve his country. Within weeks he sees his first action in the fields of France and subsequently experiences the full scale of life in the Western Front trenches of the First World War – the horror, the pain, the misery, the boredom and even the moments of joy.

Meet Tommy Atkins by Peter Gill
This brand new play written by playwright/actor Peter Gill (Talbot House, The Jerry Lee Lewis Story) details, through the eyes of a simple ‘Tommy’, the reality of war for those who actually fought it.

In an astonishing solo performance, ‘Meet Tommy Atkins’ takes the audience through his war – a war that saw him fight at Ypres, Passendale, Loos and on the Somme and that took him to the depths of despair but also brought him unique comradeship that he would never find again.

Actor musician Peter Gill

Peter Gill in ‘This Is Tommy Atkins’

From the beginning of the war to the end, Private Tommy Atkins was there.
This is his story.

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Tickets: £10

Saturday 28th January 2017 – 7.30pm Venue & Bar Open from 7pm

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