Lawrence Gillians & Friends – Fish Aid 2018

Saturday 21st April 2018 at 7.30pm.  Venue and bar open at 7pm.



Lawrence and his mates are back even more talented than last time and they’re raising money for The Anthony Pilcher Bone Cancer Trust. On stage tonight are Bleak playing heavy metal, Alchemy with 70s rock, Dystopian Tuesday performing covers ranging from MCR to Arctic Monkeys and classic rock with Excalibur.

Fish Aid 2018

Fish Aid started in 2001 when Anthony Pilcher (or ‘Fish’ as he liked to be called) found out he had a rare type of cancer called Osteosarcoma.

Fish’s first thought when he was diagnosed was that he wanted to raise money for charity. A group of people from Lewes Old Grammar School (LOGS), where Fish was a pupil, decided to hold a rock concert to help with the fund raising. The concert was named Fish Aid after Fish.

Unfortunately Anthony Pilcher passed away on 8th October 2002. But in his memory the official charity for Osteosarcoma was set up. It was named the Anthony Pilcher Bone Cancer Trust and Fish Aid is an important part of the charity.

Fish Aid raises money for the Anthony Pilcher Boner Cancer Trust through its rock concerts and support for Fish Aid is growing fast.

The Anthony Pilcher Bone Cancer Trust


Saturday 21st April 2018 at 7.30pm.  Venue and bar open at 7pm.

Tickets: £7.50

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