February Open Stage Night

The second Thursday of every month – so it’s Open Stage Night at the UGT on Thursday 12th February 2015, with the event kicking off at 7.30pm.

It could be your chance to find out what it’s like to perform on-stage at this increasingly popular free event, or just come along to soak up the atmosphere.

Chris Liddiard & John Cave

Chris Liddiard & John Cave

From poets to magicians and folk musicians to jazz artists, the Under Ground has seen it all and even given some performers their own slot on the UGT Saturday morning music and coffee event, or a showcase event of their own.

Your hosts for the evening will be the popular performer singer/songwriters John Cave and Chris Liddiard.

They’ll be launching briefly into song themselves at 7.30pm.  So if you do want to show off your skills onstage, get there as early as possible – doors and bar open at 7pm – and make sure you give your name to the hosts.

The UGT is delighted to welcome musicians and performers of any genre as long as they are over 11 years old!

Equally welcome are impressionists, poets, comedians, magicians, and the like.  The only guideline is they mustn’t outstay their welcome!  This is usually between 8 and 10 minutes.

The evening will last for three hours, including a short interval and, if past experience is any guide, everyone wanting to take part will have an opportunity of appearing on a proper stage, with a top-class lighting and sound system, and in front of a listening audience that is always sympathetic– and sometimes quite large!

Free entry. Doors and bar open 7pm.

Promoter (for UGT) :  Ron Turner : lizzron@hotmail.com