Eastbourne Skeptics in the Pub

Wednesday 21st June at 8pm.  Venue and bar open at 7.30pm.

Welcome to Eastbourne Skeptics in the Pub.

At Skeptics (sic) in the Pub local and national experts in their field present and then discuss a topic in a friendly and relaxed environment … a pub – or rather, in this case, the even more comfortable surroundings of the UGT bar!

The common theme for all the talks is skepticism (or scepticism if you prefer), which in broad terms means bringing a scientific, evidence based approach to examine common beliefs and misconceptions.

The second talk at the new permanent venue, The Under Ground Theatre: 

Secrets and Lies: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Was 9/11 an inside job? Is climate change a hoax? Was Princess Diana murdered? Millions of people appear to think so, disbelieving official explanations for significant events in favour of alternative accounts that are often called ‘conspiracy theories’.

In recent years, psychologists have begun to investigate what makes conspiracy theories appealing to so many people. In this talk, Karen Douglas will broadly overview what is known so far, and will outline her own programme of research on the causes and consequences of belief in conspiracy theories.​

Professor Karen Douglas is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Kent.



We charge £3.00  for tickets to cover running costs and speakers travel expenses.

Tickets go on sale online (with an additional booking fee) a few weeks before the next event  and may be purchased at the door on the night.

We hope you will come and have a drink with us.