Afternoon Laptop Clinic – 27th July



From 1pm to 4pm.  27th July 2018.

Venue & Free Wi-fi Cafe open from 10am.

Determined to empower patrons to get the best from their laptops, IPADs, tablets, phones and other portable devices the Under Ground Theatre continues to run its free Friday afternoon Laptop Clinic, running on the last Friday of every month.

Started in January 2015, these FREE clinics have proved such a popular success in bringing new patrons to discover the theatre and coffee bar that they are destined to continue well into 2018.


Bring along your laptop or tablet, take a ticket, and an experienced computer technician will be with you, giving assistance and advice, and taking you on a step by step process of improving your machine – making it faster and resolving any performance issues you might have with it.

So, come on down to the Under Ground Theatre coffee-bar, enjoy some fair trade refreshments, check-out the latest free art exhibition, read the free papers and get some free laptop advice.

The UGT Coffee Bar

The UGT Coffee Bar

If you find your laptop is slowing down, behaving oddly, or just taking you on a journey across the internet you can’t control – then come to the clinic. If you have any questions no matter how big or small, our helpful technicians will try to navigate you through.

The UGT professional tech volunteers will be pleased to demonstrate how to perform essential maintenance to speed up machines, to troubleshoot any niggling problems that may have developed, and to give tips and tricks how to improve your relationship with your computer.

We are open on the Friday from 10am. Call in after 12 noon and take your ticket to be helped. First come, first served.

The sessions are free, but donations are welcome if you’ve gained the knowledge you hoped for!

Note : Private and home sessions for computer repair or for teaching you how to use various programmes such as Word, Photoshop or Powerpoint are available outside of these hours at very reasonable rates.

Check out the organiser’s website below.

Eastbourne Laptop Clinic online

Eastbourne Laptop Clinic Twitter


With regret, being a multilayered below ground 1960s building, there is no wheelchair access to the venue.