City Of Ashes

Get ready to rock when the boys come back home! Local Boys ‘City of Ashes’ return to Eastbourne and the Under Ground Theatre is happy to welcome them. Their headline gig will premier tracks from their forthcoming album, which they have only recently finished recording, and include many of the band’s already well known heavy rock numbers.

City Of Ashes

They have been touring all over the UK and gathering a large fan-base but are extremely excited to be playing to a home crowd again.

“This is a great opportunity for the younger generation to help make the Under Ground Theatre a top venue for our kind of music.” says singer, Orion Powell. “For too long we’ve heard in this town that there’s no real venue for bands to play – and with the help of the Under Ground Theatre, hopefully, this could be the start of changing that.”

The four-piece band is Orion Powell (singer), Dan Frederick (bass guitar), James MacDonald (lead guitar) and Dan Russell (drums).

Two support acts will be joining them on the night, both rising stars.

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7.45pm on Saturday 16th March 2013.

Paybar from 7.15pm.

Tickets: £4

Tickets available from any UGT event, Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre, on the door or online via OxBoffice

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