The Under Ground Theatre

(Eastbourne Arts Centre Charitable Trust)

Unfortunately, The Under Ground Theatre will sadly close on Monday 25th June 2018 until further notice.

The Eastbourne Arts Centre Charitable Trust (The Under Ground Theatre) leases the theatre premises from East Sussex County Council.

Our Lease expired in September 2016 and since that time, we have been on a monthly Licence pending the Lease renewal.  We understood that this was due to the uncertainty of the future of the Library premises at that time, which are interlinked with the theatre. When the future of the Library was assured, we expected to have our Lease renewed.  

However the County Council has  decided to offer the theatre venue out to Tender, and we

will be submitting a Tender to East Sussex County Council with a view to resuming events at the theatre as soon as possible.

We are currently cancelling all the events booked into early 2019 and will be reimbursing any ticket money (via and the Tourist Information Centre).

East Sussex County Council will be working to re-open the theatre venue as soon as possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience and short notice to our customers and hope you will continue to support the theatre when it re-opens.

Our sincerest best wishes from all the volunteers and Committee at the Under Ground Theatre.